Marketing automation is essential for the growth of a company. But if you do work for a small business, you may think it is nearly impossible to compete with these larger companies. Big companies have more resources, labor, and an established brand name, so how do you stay relevant with your competitors?

To keep up with the larger companies, you must first identify the target audience that is specific to your product or service. Building a relationship with each client is a key advantage you possess over larger brands. Marketing automation can be used in business for cutting down labor cost, resources, and energy. Marketing automation will help your small business generating sales leads, maintain customer relations, and optimize your marketing budget. By implementing this into your company, a small business can establish themselves in the market.


Now obviously the main goal is to drive new leads into sales, but you cannot forget about your existing customers. An increase in your customer retention can increase your profits drastically. It is important to monitor your customers activity post-sale. Continuing to send your existing customer personal messages will help build customer retention and create brand loyalty. Regardless if you retain a customer or not, getting feedback from any customer can only help improve your business. Send automated surveys out to customer after a sale is a great way to gain feedback too. Besides sending out automated messages, trigger messaging is another great way to retain existing customers. By monitoring your customer’s activity, you can send them a message based on their actions. By getting customer reviews or even sending out promotional offers you have a higher chance of retaining your customer which produces more sales leads.


Marketing automation allows you to see how your company is succeeding and where you may need to improve. To determine if your strategy is effective or not, you need some type of data to measure. Without any information to quantify, it is hard to achieve this. Usually a marketing platform has reports and analytical features that will give you all the necessary data. You will be able to monitor leads, track campaign performance, as well as track your return on investment. If you can determine what strategies works and which needs to be changed in your marketing campaign, then you can produce more leads and ultimately convert them into more sales.


Your competitive edge as a small business is to offer a personal experience that focuses on the customer. Is this an obtainable goal as you start to grow as a company? Creating 1 on 1 personal relationships with every potential client is nearly impossible, so what do you do? To achieve this, you must find the right customer, at the right time and market to them in the right way. That is why marketing automation is so important because it reaches out to the relevant audience. By creating content that is relative to your target audience, marketing automation will provide customer data that is specific towards your product or service. You can use personalized emails, landing pages, blogs, and call-to-action buttons to bring customer back as well as new customers to your site. Developing the right personalize content and directing it to your target market are the keys to success in growing your small business.


Marketing automation allows you to measure and study customer data so your small business runs more efficiently, drives more sales, and limits risks. With consistent value in a changing market, you can take the necessary steps to a successful business. Constantly adapt your strategies to stay competitive so you can retain existing customers and continually create sales leads for your company.