Do you think SEO is done for? Try searching on google about SEO and I guarantee millions of links and articles will pop up. There have been experts in the field who have quoted “SEO is far from dead.” SEO has transitioned from its old ways of a marketing tactic into its new developed identity of a brand marketing play. Regardless of how you want to look at SEO, it is far from outdated and dead. In actuality, many companies are committed to putting a budget toward their SEO.

Take a look below at 7 reasons why your business should implement or continue to advance their SEO:

It Works 

SEO still works and works pretty well to say the least. Just remember if you’re main focus is optimal user experience then your organic traffic and positioning will be much higher. Data can be pulled from Google at any time but the techniques in which you use can remain the same.


SEO Has Longevity

Based on the current situation of search engines and how they are developing, it doesn’t seem as if search engine optimization is going anywhere in the near future.  With voice and audio searches now available you should depend on keywords as if they were text-based. Using this will continue your success in SEO techniques.


SEO is extremely effective on your ROI compared to other digital marketing forms like social media marketing, PPC and email marketing. SEO may not provide and drive much revenue as would PPC but organic SEO is the cornerstone of your digital marketing presence.

Market Share

Did you know prior to somebody making a purchase online, 80-90{f77306eae0002da0b4adb7e20bebf130901ea9bef6ab428506ea144152182968} of potential customers check reviews online about the products and/or business. Soon enough the entire market will be searching and buying products/services online. Therefore, it is crucial that you have SEO as part of your marketing plan to ensure customers can locate where your business is. If you are lacking this, expect your customers to find your competitors instead of you.

Healthy Content

Google, along with other search engines, are constantly updating their algorithms for searching. By doing so this changes the way websites are looked at, for example social media. A few years ago, a social media indicator wouldn’t hold great promise for helping out your rankings but compare that to today’s world of SEO and you will notice it is very important to how high you will rank. Also, content should be spread out through several months, if not years, as it is something Google also looks at when evaluating your site.

Stay With the Competition

Do not let your competitors take charge and lead the way. As I’ve said before, SEO is always moving. To be successful you must constantly be advancing and improving upon your own SEO plan. If you aren’t, then chances are your competitors are and you’re will fall behind.

Rise of Mobile Bandwidth & Local Search Optimization

Traffic to a mobile device is extremely close, and may have finally surpassed traffic that flows to your desktop. This increase in usage for a mobile device just opened a whole new side to SEO. One example I can think of would be local search optimization.


SEO should be invested into your business now more than ever before. It can be difficult at times when it comes to dealing with keyword data and traffic but it’s well worth it. To have a successful online presence in the marketing world you must have a successful SEO plan in place.